Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 8: Bucket List of the Dead 8

Géneros / Temáticas
168 páginas
Edad recomendada
Fecha de lanzamiento
14.61 x 1.52 x 20.96 cm


Surviving a zombie apocalypse beats a dead-end job any day!

After spending years slaving away for a soul-crushing company, Akira’s life has lost its luster. But when a zombie apocalypse ravages his town, it gives him the push he needs to live for himself. Now Akira’s on a mission to complete all 100 items on his bucket list before he…well, kicks the bucket.

Akira and the gang’s trip takes them to the Sea of Japan. In Niigata, the home of rice production, Shizuka’s love of Japanese sake means they’re headed straight for a brewery. Being drunk off your rocker is all fun and games until you-know-what show up and kill the buzz. Later, Akira gives his dream of digging up fossils a go. Will his boyish ambition lead to the discovery of a never-before-seen species?

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