Twittering Birds Never Fly vol 7 (Twittering Birds Never Fly, 7)

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Four years have passed since Yashiro’s fateful battle with Hirata. Having left the family, Yashiro now makes a living as an investor of an underground casino. However, despite Yashiro no longer being tied to the family, Musumi still visits him in the casino, from time to time, in hopes that Yashiro might change his mind and return to the Shinsei-kai.
Unlike Yashiro, who has removed himself from the yakuza world, Doumeki, on the
other hand, has fallen deeper into it. Having been abandoned by Yashiro, Doumeki now works as a full-fledged member of the yakuza under the Sanwa-kai’s Sakura Family.
Separated and in their own respective worlds, Yashiro and Doumeki have not seen each other for four years. However, when a certain incident forces their paths to cross, will these two lovebird’s time, which appeared to have stopped, begin to move again? Leer más

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