Strange Things of the Village: Unofficial Minecraft Series

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Strange things of the Village, An Unofficial Minecraft Bundle, contains four beginner chapter books by Brie Wetherby. These books are inspired by the popular kids’ game Minecraft but are not affiliated with Mojang Studios or Minecraft.

Dawn of the Villagers: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel, Book 1
It was like any other night for Tess. She brushed her teeth, put on her pajamas, and went to bed. But then she was woken up by a giant cracking sound. Like the floor was breaking open. To her surprise, it was! She fell down a bottomless pit in her bedroom, and everything began to look more square as she fell. The dirt around her looked square, and so did the rocks. A square man even saved her! A Minecraft villager spawn! Was she dreaming? Was this real life?
The Minecraft villager spawn needed her help, but Tess needed to get back to the surface! What choice did she make, help the villagers or run away?

Rise of the Portals: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel, Book 2
Lotte and Seb are world-famous detectives on the case of the missing ten-year-old boy Sam. However, this case could be their last if they can’t crack it and confess what they have really been doing—playing Minecraft. This game of Minecraft is like no other they have ever played. The stakes are so much higher. Lotte and Seb notice strange Minecraft «stuff» popping up all over the real world and then slip through a portal on an abandoned computer screen into the Minecraft world in survival mode. It turns into a high-stakes game of Minecraft as they try to find Sam, the missing boy, and escape Minecraft, caves, and the Nether! Can they make it out alive and stay on top as the leading detectives?

Mystery of the Taco Shop: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel, Book 3
Harold is a 183-day-old Minecraft villager spawn who works as a farmer, but strange things around the village threaten to make him FAINT! One is the mysterious taco shop that popped up overnight right by his farm, set up with outdoor salsa bowl seating! It appears to be run by skeletons, and they are stealing from his farm. The mayor doesn’t want to help, so it is up to Harold! Is he brave enough to take on the skeletons, or will he get turned into one himself?

Birds of the Swamp Land: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel, Book 4
Felix is a 386-day-old Minecraft Villager spawn, plus he’s a fisherman! He has a secret that could get him ousted from the village of strange things—he didn’t come from it! He came from a village 75 blocks above the town. As a baby villager spawn, he fell from his island home into a swamp filled with sea turtles. Of course, he made friends with them as he grew up. He got a house and a job as a fisherman! Felix loves having a purpose, and helping supply the village with fish is the best purpose of all. He is an ancient villager spawn that has survived just about everything: the great fall, creepers, skeletons, the warden, a frog infestation, and even drowns! But he may be up against a plague he cannot defeat: BIRDS! Leer más

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