Sled With Me: I Love You to the North Pole and Beyond (Mother and Son Edition...

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You don’t have to wait for Christmas! The North Pole is a fun and exciting place to visit anytime of the year. This special book is part of the Wherever Shall We Go series and it makes a terrific gift for little boys (girl edition also available). Tonight, you and your child will meet in your dreams and set off on a magical sled towards the North Pole. There, you will meet Santa, and his reindeer, Mrs. Clause, and the friendliest elves.

Sled With Me is a sweet Christmas bedtime story to help children prepare for sleep. It ends with a loving message from the reader to the child which helps to bring their day to a close as it softly lulls them into sleep.

Like the other books in this children’s bedtime story series, Sled With Me is a promise from the reader to the child to meet them in their dreams, so that together, a wonderful adventure can be experienced.

Beautiful illustrations and a delightful rhyming story await. So, go ahead and grab a copy of this children’s Christmas book, because everyone at the North Pole is waiting to greet you.

This is the mother and son edition of Sled With Me. It is the perfect bedtime story for moms to share with their little boys, or grandmothers to share with their grandsons. A mother and daughter edition can be found separately by searching this title.

Don’t forget to follow this author and be on the lookout for other books in this series. You never know where the next adventure will take you.

Sled With Me by Sharon Purtill is the perfect Christmas story book for kids 2-4 3-5 or even 4-6 years old. Leer más

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