My First Hanukkah High Contrast Baby Book for Newborns 0-12: Simple Black and...

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30 páginas
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21.59 x 0.18 x 21.59 cm


Your perfect Hanukkah gift idea .
Did you know that newborns see mostly black and white?

This book is perfect for infants because high contrast images are easier for newborns and toddlers to interpret, Young children find it easier to focus on high contrast objects during their visual development stage. and this book is specially designed for your young child’s eyes to discover. With simple Hanukkah-themed Images. to help support your child’s visual development.
30 Pages So that You Can Spend a Lot of Time Having Fun with Your Little Kid To Get Closer to Your Child and Collect Many Memories
Format (8.5 by 8.5 inches) Perfect size for small hands so your child can be comfortable and have fun!

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