Managing My Worries: A CBT Workbook designed specifically for Teenagers (Age ...

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Evidence-based CBT activities. Learn to manage your worries, by challenging unhelpful thinking patterns, developing effective coping strategies, and using positive self-talk.Suitable for ages 13-18.This book has been written by two psychologists, who have a passion for helping people reach their full potential. Using their combined experience they have developed this book specifically for young people, to include their favorite worksheets & resources.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is an approach that suggests our thoughts effect our emotions. If we are having negative thoughts then we are more likely to experience negative emotions. Learning to challenge our negative thoughts and use positive self talk can help us increase the prevalence of positive thoughts and in turn positive emotions.This book uses these CBT techniques to help you understand your worries and teaches you different ways to challenge them. This will allow you to evaluate if the worry is really worth your while. This book highlights the importance of developing effective coping strategies and introduces mindfulness techniques to ensure that you have the appropriate skills to manage your worries.Finally, this book will encourage you to evaluate the pros and cons of overcoming your fears. Using problem-solving techniques, you will be able to break down your thoughts and overcome them step by step. Leer más

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