Look and Find at Christmas Time: An entertaining and educational Christmas lo...

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35 páginas
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21.59 x 0.23 x 25.4 cm


Christmas Holidays are almost here and this adorable Look and Find book is an excellent choice to keep children entertained and parents relaxed!Filled with over 30 traditional Christmas scenes that go from intimate family gatherings to ice skating with friends, kids will have tons of fun while they look for the more than 200 hidden items: toys, Christmas decorations, clothes, animals, drones… and a large variety of objects!The scenes, characters and situations have been carefully designed to keep children engaged and entertained for hours, while it sharpens young minds’ observation, attention and concentration skills.We have included bonus content at the end the book that will make kids enjoy it even more and use it for many game sessions.This Christmas Look and Find book makes a great gift for every kid you appreciate and love that will make you get in good with everyone! A fantastic entertaining and educational book that is portable and doesn’t require an electronic device, for what is perfect to have as an activity book at home, while traveling, for road trips or anytime you need some peace and quiet while kids are entertained for hours.SPECIFICATIONS:   Premium Soft Cover.   8.5” x 10”, 35 pages.   High quality full color illustrations.   Christmas themed,  great for kids of all ages.   Unique means of entertainment, relaxation and stress relief for curious kids.   Bonus Content. Leer más

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