Little Raccoon and Dragon – A Present of Patience – Coloring Book...

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★★★★★ NEW RELEASE SALE ★★★★★
You see your child gets angry or upset and you feel hopeless. Your child loses his or her temper and steam coming out of his or her ears. You see that and you’re ready to give up.
Are you familiar with this?
If you say Yes and you are looking for any help or advice on how to teach your child to cope with big emotions, then this coloring book is for you. This cute children’s coloring book is to help you for sure!
Anger can capture any child of any age, especially toddlers and preschoolers, who are not good with managing strong emotions yet. It’s hard to prevent your kid’s anger, but you can teach him or her to cope with it in a healthy way.
This fun, cute and entertaining coloring book is a must for children and parents due to the following facts, that it:
Teaches kids emotions and anger management in a healthy way
helps your child to learn self-control and practice waiting
contains high-quality cute illustrations with a nice rhyming story
is not too long and will grab kids’ attention
suits perfectly for preschool kids ages 3-6
Get this coloring book now and witness the transformation of your dearest kid into a calm, patient, and happy child! Leer más

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