How to Draw Cute Manga Animals: Learn How to Draw 100 cute Animals, in less t...

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Learn how to draw 100 cute animals, with easy and detailed steps!

Art is always evolving, always changing, and incorporating aspects of different cultures and times. Art can also change us. As we learn to draw, our interpersonal, and intrapersonal relationships and intelligence (both emotional and rational) will be modified, they will become sharper. Art shapes us, we also learn how to feel the world and the people a little bit differently, with more depth and compassion, it broadens our horizons and makes us better people.

Anyone can be an artist and learn how to draw. You can learn at any age, all you need is dedication, practice, and effort. Don’t be too judgmental about your art and don’t compare yourself in a harsh way with others, the more you practice, observe and learn, the better you will become. Everyone has their own time and we will always have something new to learn and improve. Learning how to draw should never feel like a burden, if you feel exhausted or discouraged, take a break and start again the next day, with a clear mind.

In this book, you will learn how to draw 100 super cute animals in manga style, through detailed and easy to follow step-by-step instructions!

And never forget that there are no rules when doing art, there are fundamentals when learning, but they can always be changed to create your unique art.

Technical information:8.5″ x 11.0″ (21,59cm x 27,94cm) formatUNIQUE cover designHigh quality matte cover finishHigh quality paper stockEASY to follow step by step instructions on how to draw 100 super cute animalsUNIQUE illustrations Perfect for you, family & friendsGreat gift for Christmas, Children’s Day, Birthdays, HalloweenDon’t forget to take a look inside. Leer más

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