Halloween Dots Line Spiral Coloring Book: The Official Art Haunting Halloween...

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21.59 x 0.81 x 27.94 cm


A New Style of Coloring Book that Cosplay Halloween for People of All age groups to Relax with Only One Color! This is cheap, enjoyable, and intriguing!

You can relieve stress and bring your favorite character to life using whatever pen or marker you have on hand. Don’t stress about switching colors or finding the correct form; just have fun coloring.

All you see upon first are simply dots, lines, & spirals. However, when you look a bit closer and start coloring between the lines, you’ll find some fantastic cosplay. Designs for Halloween are taking form!

An excellent collection of stunning images and impressive artworks of Halloween will pull you into the scary but funny world, where all of your stress will be blown away and your imagination will be satisfied!

Bleeding through is not big trouble in this book because all pages are printed on high-quality white paper. So just prepare your crayons, pencils, or anything you think is perfect for you to color and have fun!

Let’s color while watching TV, listening to music or a podcast, and spending time with family.

This book contains:

Consists of Dots, Lines and Spiroglyphics types
Perfect size 8.5 x 11 inches.
High-quality paper

Relax with just ONE COLOR!
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