Gratitude Makes Me Happy: A children’s book to help kids find calm, give than...

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Would you like to teach your child how to recognize and manage their emotions?»Gratitude Makes Me Happy» is a children’s book to help kids to learn:To be thankful for what they already have.To be present at the moment.To overcome worry and anxiety.To understand that gratitude is an action that leads you to be happy.The book includes the following:Daily Affirmation.Coloring pages.Imagination.About the Author:

«If you recognize, validate and control your emotions, you will be a happy and successful person.»

The world would be better if every child, from an early age, learned how to handle their emotions. Therefore, Mia Brown’s mission is to teach children, through short stories and imagination, that if they control their emotions, they can be successful and happy.

If you, as a parent from an early age, take the time to educate your children emotionally when they are adults, you will notice that you have done a great job.

I invite you to get your copy today and read this beautiful story to your beloved little one!»People who control their emotions from an early age are more successful than those who don’t know how to do it.» Mia Brown. Leer más

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