For the World’s Greatest Mum: The Perfect Gift for Your Mum

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10.29 x 2.29 x 13.72 cm


Let your mum know just how much you care with this delightful collection of heart-warming quotes and sentimental statementsThere’s nobody quite like a mother – she’s always there for you, no matter what, giving comfort, counsel and care. And, however old you are, you’ll never stop being her child!She deserves the sun, moon and stars, but if you can’t manage that this little book is the next best thing. Inside you’ll find a host of glittering quotations from around the world – whether from actors, writers, musicians or leaders from all walks of life, they all have something heartfelt and inspiring to say about their relationship with their mum or about their experience of being a mum. To make it even more special, there’s a sprinkling of sentimental statements illustrating the kind and generous things mothers are known for best.This is the perfect love bomb to let your mum know she’s the world’s greatest! Leer más

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