El Libro de la Amistad. FRIENDS. A Spanish-English bilingual book: Cómo hacer...

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¡Aprende inglés o español con los más pequeños, divertiéndoos con la lectura!Los libres bilingues son una manera idonea de introducir a los niños a una lengua extranjera, conectando el aprendizaje de la lengua, inglés o español, con momentos agradables compartidos en familia, como es la lectura con los pequeños.

Whether you’re a parent raising a bilingual child, or you want to introduce a child to a foreign language, dual language books are a fun and natural way for kids to learn new language skills. «El Libro de la Amistad. FRIENDS. A Spanish-English bilingual book» works equally for English speakers learning Spanish, or Spanish speakers learning English. By using parallel texts in the two languages, it introduces children to vocabulary and sentence structure in both, and provides a natural context for language learning.

Also available in Spanish and English single language editions, this book about friends teaches values such as respect, empathy, sharing, kindness, and inclusion, and creates a space to talk with children about their feelings and emotions, and their personal relationships.

This children’s book:Uses parallel Spanish and English texts as a learning tool for parents and educatorsExamines feelings and emotions in different social situationsFeatures children with diverse physical characteristicsFocuses on respect for others, and emphasizes the importance of inclusionHelps children think about who could be a friend, and gives ideas of how to make friendsThrough the illustrations, provides children with examples of friendly behaviorAges: 3 to 10This gentle and sweet friendship book will accompany kids on their journey of friendship and self-knowledge, AND, with the bilingual version, help them find their feet in both Spanish and English!

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