Dog Postcards for Anthony: Based on a True Story of a Boy With Leukemia

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★ Anthony has cancer. His body is in pain, his mind filled with fear, and he has worry in his heart. ★
The only thing that keeps him happy and smiling is the love of therapy dogs at the hospital. Sadly, dog visits are short, and they have to leave to see other sick kids, too.Seeing how much Anthony loves these dogs, his mother decides to set up a Facebook page to encourage friends to share photos of their dogs to cheer him up. Surprisingly, out of the blue, thousands of people from all over the world began sending pictures of their dogs to help him feel better.Anthony and his mom look and laugh at the doggy photos every day, but unfortunately, because of some mean-spirited posts, Facebook decides to take down the page. All the photos are gone, just like Kibbles from a hungry dog’s bowl! Around the same time, Anthony’s treatment caused him to lose his hair. Now, Anthony thinks he’s being punished for something!♥ Inspired by the healing power of the love of the dogs ♥
Little does Anthony know, however, he has his very own dog angel watching over him, who sees his pain and decides to hatch a plan. With a few heavenly barks, the dog angel gives the dogs of the Earth the amazing power to send their own photo as postcards with silly sayings, helpful advice, and words of encouragement.♥♥♥••••••••••♥♥♥••••••••••♥♥♥••••••••••♥♥♥•••••••••••

Anthony’s Facebook page went viral in 2015, with more than a million doggie photos posted for Anthony while he was treated at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This photo-sharing grabbed the attention of all major media nationwide and aired on stations such as CNN, Fox, ABC, The Rachel Ray Show, and was also reported on in the Chicago Tribune, The Times, USA Today, Business Insider, Yahoo, HuffPost, and many more.This amazing story shows the power of positive thinking when combined with love and friendship. It gives children and adults with similar struggles a source of inspiration, shows hope, and helps them smile through the pain. Leer más

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