Crazy Choices for 9 Year Olds: Mad decisions and tricky trivia in a book you ...

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Crazy? You bet! This book is like ‘Would You Rather?’ with rocket boosters!This is a book of choices with a difference. Weird and hilarious dilemmas will get kids laughing; tricky trivia questions will get them thinking!Impossible decisions are illustrated throughout with the craziest of cartoons. Would you prefer to be a bodyguard or a lifeguard? Reduce gravity or choose when the sun goes down? Be known by nobody or everybody? You can also expect a few icky ones that you might not want to read over breakfast, but 9-year-olds will love!Then it gets competitive as kids take on the Tricky Trivia. Which is the best choice: to raise a baby tiger or a panda? Be afraid of knees or long words? Play a nose flute or an ear trumpet? Kids will love finding out the ‘right’ answer!Each choice has a score, depending on how mad, bad or crazy it is. Who will be crowned the King or Queen of Crazy Choices? It’s a game book that kids will want to read and play with friends, parents and anyone else who’ll listen!Look out for the other books in the Crazy Choices series for ages 6 to 11 – and the companion Awesome Jokes books, too! Leer más

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