Coraline the Superhero (There is a Superhero in every boy and girl!)

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20.96 x 0.15 x 20.96 cm


Do you know a young girl who wants to be a superhero? Imagine being able to fly! Imagine her having super strength or invisibility! This personalised book by Vanessa Porkins has all these and many more superpowers included in a kind and warm-hearted tale that will relate well with your child as well as encouraging educational play.

This book will enhance and grow your child’s imagination and make them dream and think about what they might do in certain situations, some of which they will see in everyday life. This book is full of wonderful and vibrant illustrations of many superhero activities that will brighten up any day.

This book includes the use of superpowers including:Super StrengthFlyingInvisibilityMind-ReadingTime TravelSuper SpeedAnd more…. All in one clever and rhyming story personalised with your child’s name.

Hope you have fun with this book and is a great read at bedtime.
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