Can You Escape? Book Set: Could You Escape Alcatraz? / Could you Escape a Des...

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Escape the world’s most dangerous places in this boxed set of four interactive chapter books! YOU CHOOSE how to escape the deadliest places on earth in this four-book boxed set! Will your choices lead to getting off a deserted island, or will you be marooned forever? Could you escape The Rock, or will you be locked in Alcatraz prison for good? Can you escape the skeletal maze of the Paris Catacombs, or are you doomed to be trapped with the ghosts of France forever? Could you escape the Tower of London, or will you be sent to the gallows? Follow the directions on each page and find out how your decisions change your fate. When YOU CHOOSE what to do next, the choices you make could mean the difference between life and death. With dozens of choices and endings, each book in this YOU CHOOSE set is sure to keep adventure fans captive for hours. Books in This Set: Could You Escape a Deserted Island? Could You Escape Alcatraz? Could You Escape the Paris Catacombs? Could You Escape the Tower of London? Leer más

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