Awesome Human Body Science Experiments for Kids (Awesome Steam Activities for...

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Help kids learn how the human body works—hands-on experiments for ages 5 to 10The human body is amazing! We use it to move, smell, taste, and speak—but how? Kids will uncover the answers with this book of 40 at-home science experiments. They’ll see body systems in action with activities like building a digestive tract from socks and pantyhose, sculpting red blood cells, and making vocal cords out of rubber bands.Get kids thinking like a scientist as they answer questions during each experiment and take notes on what they learn. Best of all, kids will see their knowledge grow as they apply their new skills to progressively more challenging activities.Kid-friendly instructions—Step-by-step guidance and detailed diagrams make these projects easy enough for kids to do with minimal supervision.No special equipment required—These projects use inexpensive, everyday items like cotton balls, glass jars, and vinegar, so kids can get started right away.The S.T.E.A.M connection—Discover how each activity fits into the world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.Pick up this book today and help answer tons of questions about the human body for kids. Leer más

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